Discovering Ibiza's Authentic Boho Vibes - Hippies, Kaftans and the Spirit of the Island - Kaftans direct

Discovering Ibiza's Authentic Boho Vibes - Hippies, Kaftans and the Spirit of the Island

Ibiza is world renowned for its legendary nightclubs and vibrant party scene. But beneath the surface beats a richer bohemian heart that has attracted free spirits for decades. The island holds remnants of the original 1960s hippie trail that still imbue its landscapes with boho magic. Exploring Ibiza's backroads transports you back to simpler times, when kaftans flowed and all that mattered was peace, love and good vibes.

Some of the first Western travelers to discover Ibiza in the 1960s were backpackers following expat trails. Hippies were drawn to the island's natural beauty, welcoming locals and inexpensive cost of living. They arrived wearing colorful kaftans, flowing skirts and bellbottom pants - the earliest boho fashion. Ibiza became a hub for these free-thinking creatives to congregate, share philosophies and experiment with alternative lifestyles.

One route absorbing this spiritual essence is the hippie trail from San Antonio to Benirras. The winding coastal road passes secluded beaches where travelers would commune. You can still see remnants of old abandoned hippie camps, where travelers lived simply in yurts or tents. Boho souls found solace in Ibiza’s now-protected pine forests and caves too. Follow this trail to encounter the remnants of the communal lifestyle that established Ibiza as a counterculture haven.

Another must-visit is the small hilltop town of Sant Rafel, a former hippie enclave. Wander its winding lanes to spot colorful vintage kaftans and boho accessories in shop windows. Grab an authentic Spanish coffee or fresh juice at a local spot. The boho vibe is palpable - you may even meet a long-time resident who can share stories from the early days. Throw on your own kaftan and get lost in the town’s charm, recapturing Ibiza’s youthful spirit.

I hope sharing these glimpses into Ibiza's bohemian past inspires you to discover more of the “Old Hippie Ibiza” for yourself. Feel the energy that attracted creatives for decades wearing nothing but smiles, kaftans and flower crowns. The island's authentic boho soul still flows freely if you know where to look.
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