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Large Seagrass Fan Wall Decor - Natural

Large Seagrass Fan Wall Decor - Natural

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Add a bohemian, laid-back touch to any room with this Wholesale Seagrass Wall Decor. Handmade by Indonesian artisans. Such decoration will be a statement piece on your walls which will stand out from the rest and catch the attention definitely. It will bring comfort and create an authentic exotic look. It will fit any style, you can display it above the bed or mantelpiece, or on a wall alongside other quirky décor elements. Ideal gift for lovers of rustic style. Perfect for boho weddings too. This natural wall art is made of organic seagrass. Eco-friendly materials are seriously on trend, especially products made from exotic seagrass that are fashionable and very on trend The seagrass decoration is attached to a metal hoop (covered in rattan) measuring 20 cm. The length of decoration with the whoop is 65 cm. 

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